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Fairies photographed?


Many of us will have seen the images of the Cottingley Fairies taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths in 1917.  Of course in the end Elsie admitted they were fake in the early 1980's confessing they where cardboard cut outs, all the same amazing … [Read more...]

A Free website for everyone

Free sign

A free website for everyone, now that sounds like a good deal, you see advertisements everywhere for free websites.  No doubt you landed here looking for a free website deal.  I've often wondered if these free website deals any good, do they stand up … [Read more...]

New Domain Names


New domain names by the dozen are becoming available slowly this spring, now is the chance to get your hands a domain name suffix that suits your business.  There's lots to choose from, including the usual domain names there's well over 70! Take a … [Read more...]

Business website design

Relax with WN6 Creative Business Website Design - we take care of everything

Business website design isn't just about low cost although we appreciate cost is important. Good business website design is about creating a website at the right price, that has the right set of features for you and your customers, is fast, and is … [Read more...]

A black and white blackbird!


It's not often you see a black and white blackbird in fact I had to wait over 40 years but now I have one living near my place of work in Standish, Nr Wigan. It comes and visits each day with few other regular blackbirds.  It's quite skittish in … [Read more...]

Small Business SEO

Storm Eliquid benefit from low cost organic SEO

Small business SEO is a service that WN6 Creative love to deliver.  Often small businesses struggle with SEO and often buy into ill advised high priced SEO schemes that are often short lived and don't look at the overall performance and the long term … [Read more...]

Save Standish from development


Save Standish from development is the battle cry that's heard from many corners of the small village of Standish nestled in the heart of the North West.  Incidentally to those who may be reading this and not understand why a designer is blogging … [Read more...]

Collaboration across the pond


Funny how small the world has become, when I started out the Rotring pen had just been sent packing by the Macintosh and mobile phones were the size of small house.  However in today's connected world working with someone in San Francisco is as easy … [Read more...]