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Small Business SEO Organic

Small Business SEO is a term that's being used more each day by more and more business owners.  Small business SEO can be understood in a variety of ways, but as with everything there's the good the bad and the ugly side to small business SEO. At … [Read more...]

Content Writing for Websites


Content writing for websites is never easy especially if you are writing content about your own business and services.  If you think writing regular content for websites is hard then try writing content for websites that has good organic ranking … [Read more...]

Free Website Hosting

sale concept

Looking to get better return on investment from your website - here's a little something to help.  Free website hosting from WN6. Website hosting is a critical part of every business, you need rock solid performance and the right level of support … [Read more...]

Does my website look good on this?


We've all heard the line "does my bum look big in this" the answer often a politically correct one no doubt for most.  However you rarely hear the line "Does my website look good on this" - the answer most people would provide is "Pardon?" How … [Read more...]

Speckled Wood Butterfly


It's surprising what you can spot as you wander around in the morning.  A few years ago I worked to produce a small bit of wood land with wildflowers close to my house, the land was once used as an old railway line.  I set about clearing all the … [Read more...]