New Business Start-Up Package

we can help you with your new businessAre you looking to set up a new business?

If so WN6 Creative Design based in Wigan can help.  We know it’s essential when setting up a new business to keep costs low, make sure you get a good return on your investment and get the best deals possible for the limited funds you have – we have the track record in new business start ups to prove we understand.

Over the last few years WN6 Creative Design based in Standish, Wigan have worked with countless companies who are just starting out, the support and experience we offer has been described as “a valuable part of the companies success”.

Great new business growth

Some new business start ups we have worked with have grown from one person babysitting, going on to employ hundreds like Safehands Network, others such as Wigan based Local Life started out in a bedroom with a small magazine and now sports offices and 100’s of magazine pages per month.  It doesn’t end there, in the years WN6 Creative Design have been operating we have played a significant part in many other start-ups and expansions such as Belle Interiors and Lucy Willow to name but a few.  Some companies grew that big they needed the support of a bigger agency or even have their own in house facility.  Rest assured all of the people behind these companies are power houses of work and industry – it takes much more than a good logo and encouragement from WN6 Creative Design to succeed.

helping your small new business growWN6 Creative Design love new business – watching and helping start ups grow is what we enjoy the most.  At WN6 Creative Design we believe that from small acorns oak trees grow – and its those small acorns are what this country needs!

We can help with many aspects of your new business start up – logo and branding design, business stationary, expandable low cost websites, low cost marketing solutions – even business management and support.  We have experience spanning many years in a variety of industries.

If you are thinking about starting your own business and are looking for a strong professional image at a price you can afford, one that provides your business with a good start – we can help.  We also throw in lots of free advice and oodles of encouragement too.

So if you are about to start a new business in Standish, Wigan or surrounding district (or of course anywhere else in the UK) get in touch.  Rest assured it takes a lot of hard work and determination, the companies mentioned above are headed up by some some superbly determined people – but if you have what it takes to put in the work, WN6 Creative Design will help as much or as little as we can.

Contact us today – for free advice and lots of encouragement.