Blog Content is King

content is kingNot too long ago search engine optimisation was left to web masters or many companies shipped the work off to India, link building, keyword page development blah blah blah it all seemed to have impact for a short while but didn’t last.  Due to this less than customer focused behaviour Google released Panda and Penguin updates (those are just changes to how Google works) and all of a sudden content became king again – as it should be.

Fresh content is the key

Today frequent, fresh, high-quality content is now critical for increasing your website’s ranking in search engine results and in turn improving your business.

Why?  Well it makes sense really.

grumpyshopkeeperImagine your website is a shop or an office.  You walk in, the place looks well presented but the person behind the desk simply isn’t interested in what they’re doing.  They spout a few lines that you have heard time and again and then leave you to browse the dusty shelves.  When you ask if business is brisk they don’t even reply.  In fact that are simply too busy, bored or disinterested in what they are doing and the business in general.

happyshopkeeperCompare this with the same office or store with a person who is able to wax lyrical passionately about the latest innovation, provide you with tips about products and services and generally is switched on to their industry, at very least they are communicating with you.

Transpose these two examples of real life offices of shops into a website.  A website with nothing new to say, and no new updates is the same as someone too busy too communicate with you, a website with some new content shows an interest and passion for the services they offer.  A passion for communicating to the customers they love to do business with you and love to provide solutions for.

This is why Google changed – to ensure the most passionate businesses the most hard-working and best communicators rank the highest.


Too busy to blog…

In business you may be passionate about what you do and communicate very well on the phone and in person, but your website is a 24/7 365 shop window, people judge you online first.  So it’s essential to express and portray your passion online too.

asleep-at-workI understand how busy business people are, they may want to communicate on their site but never have time or are simply too tired after a hard day being passionate about what they do, haven’t got the skill, creativity or inclination to get blogging.

Here’s the the solution.

Over recent months I’ve been working with a number of clients to keep their website blogs up to date adding content on a periodic basis, the results are astounding.  All customers have seen an improvement to their website rankings and visitors, customers are attracted to the content and search engines love it too.


In the graph above taken from actual a WN6 clients Google Analytics results, in only 3 months this customer had a 5 times increase in visitors with only a number of WN6 written and targeted blog posts.

Marketing today isn’t about the advertisement, the product, or the service, it’s about the problem that the customer needs to solve. In their quest to provide highly relevant content to search queries, search engines know this and have recalculated the algorithm to favour this type of content.

If you would like to find out more how WN6 can save you valuable time producing blog content for you then get in touch.  Unlike offline advertising the results will be there in the analytics so you’ll know you’re receiving a great return on investment.

Why not try out our blog content service and see the benefits for yourself

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